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Vule Airways sensitize gov’t to work on open sky policy to effect operations

The company shall also provide employment to Ugandans where it is going to employ over 60 people, as well as generate revenue

Open sky policy has will be a huge boost in the aviation industry, says expert. The negotiations to make air transport effective and efficient in this manner will absolutely spur the growth of the industry and airlines by a great measure.

Vule Airways Limited is probably the newest airline in the sky in Uganda. Its proprietors have urged the government to consider and conclude matters regarding the open air policy to affect positive change in their operations. At the moment the airline is waiting for the issuance of a service licence from Civil Aviation Authority.

Mr Robert Mwesigwa Nviiri, the managing director of the airline, said lack of the open sky policy has led to collapse of Ugandan airlines.

Mr Nviiri said: “We have finalised our preparations and agreements with other countries but we shall be flying to especially East African Community. Government is yet to sign the open sky policy to facilitate cheap air transport and avoid falling victim like the previously collapsed airline companies,”

Speaking at the press conference in Kampala, he said the airline will address challenges to do with passengers losing luggage, time spent waiting for connecting flights and the cost of air transport.

He added: “We are going to start flights in November this year beginning with direct flights from Uganda to East African countries, London as well as internal flights from Entebbe to Arua, Kisoro, Kasese, Kalangala, Moroto and where we have National Parks and Game reserves. Our intention is to facilitate tourism and trade by providing easy, quick and affordable transport especially to traders and tourists.”

Mr Nviiri Vule Airways Limited will also offer cargo services.

“We have introduced large planes which will allow passengers carry 60Kg of cargo. The biggest plane shall have a capacity of 300 passengers and the smallest 40 passengers,” he said.

The company, which has reportedly invested more than $40m (Shs145b), seeks to market Uganda’s tourism worldwide and take Ugandan products such as tea and coffee to different parts of the world.

“The company shall also provide employment to Ugandans where it is going to employ over 60 people, as well as generate revenue to the government,” he added.

Ms Margaret Anne Mazzi Wampamba, the company director in charge of marketing, said the airline has 55 per cent shares held by Ugandan investors and 45 per cent by foreign investors.

“We shall corporate with the other airlines in the region to promote social-economic integration in East Africa. Other stabs shall be opened in the mean-time in different parts of the world especially trade cities to extend the services and ease trade for Ugandans and other travellers,” Ms Wampamba said.

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