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Uganda Government summoned to go all out to promote tourism

A better framework is underway to ensure consistency and performance is kept at the apex of the game.

Wildlife and tourism have been among the most focused areas of African landlocked country Uganda. This is because, favored to be positioned in the region of East Africa, it boasts of having a diverse variety of tourist attraction sites that have pulled tourists from all over the continent to come and spectate the beauty of nature. This has put the country on the pole position of among the most competitive East African countries as far as tourism is concerned.

There has been a concern, though, that the Government of Uganda is not doing enough to maximize the potential in the tourism sector. There is so much in store that is yet to be revealed that will boost the economy of the country, if only what is can be used. Local investors have pushed the Parliament into getting out of their way to popularize Uganda’s tourism sector to gain more market in all corners.

Previously, the government had sought the services of PR firms to put word out there about their exquisite services. Some positive differences have been acknowledged as the marketing strategy seems to be paying off. A proprietor has requested for consistency in the same to bear more fruits and hope for a better performance in the near future. He more believes that there is more to be done to sell their ideas to the world to lure investors and pull tourists.

Conservation parks have been another niche has that sprung to be attractive sites to tourists. They have contributed handsomely to the revenue generated in the industry. What has been urged of them is to be marketed more and more to attract more people. The chimpanzees and gorillas are among the epic attractive zones that can be cultivated for a better performance in tourism sector.

Uganda is in contention with neighboring countries Kenya and Tanzania as well as Rwanda. President Yoweri Museveni has unveiled a new framework that is geared at achieving the industry’s goal in the coming days. This will be apprehended by investors coming in and more businesses being established. Facilities’ improvement too will play a key role in ensuring the industry suffers no gap.

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