Rwanda embraces cloud based OTT messaging apps


Kirusa, a global leader in communication solutions over data networks for consumers and enterprises, have announced the launch of Kirusa Konnect in Rwanda. Kirusa Konnect is a cloud-based Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) offering for enterprises designed to bolster customer engagement using instant, two-way and interactive communication over multiple channels including messaging, voice and rich media bots.

With the launch of Kirusa Konnect in Rwanda, enterprises will have access to a self-serve portal and a rich set of APIs to conceive, execute and monitor omnichannel communication campaigns.

The popularity of OTT messaging apps such as WhatsApp, Messenger, iMessage, Viber, Telegram, and the incorporation of RCS within the Android Messages app is leading to a paradigm shift in enterprise messaging. Enterprises are adopting IP messaging as it provides a rich media experience while also reducing the cost of customer care. With access to multiple RCS and OTT messaging platforms, Kirusa Konnect helps enterprises move into the world of IP messaging.

Kirusa Konnect is made available in Rwanda through a partnership with Airtel Rwanda. Airtel is making various messaging and voice channels available to enterprises, using the Konnect platform.

The Konnect platform is already available in other countries, including Nigeria and Ghana. Kirusa Konnect services are targeted at all enterprises, including banks, e-commerce retailers, mobile app developers, educational institutions, government organizations, hospitals, travel companies, religious organizations and NGOs.

Kirusa is reimagining messaging and voice in the data era. Embracing the paradigm shift in enterprise messaging, we are helping enterprises plan and implement IP messaging strategies that create exciting possibilities for customer engagement.

Kirusa’s technology and connectivity to OTT messaging platforms and RCS providers and carriers, including Google, enables enterprises to build and deploy chatbots. Enterprises can use these chatbots to have conversations with their customers with rich media, natural language processing, and machine learning, over OTT messaging apps, and the built-in Android messages app using RCS.

Amit Chawla, Managing Director, Airtel Rwanda said, “We are pleased to partner with Kirusa to launch Konnect in Rwanda. There is a huge demand for messaging and voice solutions, and by integrating Kirusa Konnect into our network, we are making it easy for a large set of aspiring and established businesses to leverage the power of mobile.”

Inderpal Singh Mumick, Founder, Chairman & CEO, Kirusa said, “Our expansion into Rwanda underlies our commitment to serve the enterprises in Africa using local partnerships and presence. Along with the platform, we also bring the local expertise from running the communication channels for thousands of African businesses and the expertise to build chatbots.”

Enterprises looking to use Kirusa Konnect services can go to

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