BCX and Alibaba Cloud pens deal to bring cloud technologies to South Africa


Partnerships have largely driven technology innovation and global collaborations among tech companies, and Alibaba Cloud is not slowing down in committing itself to such partnerships.

System integrator Business Connexion (BCX) has announced a strategic partnership with Alibaba Cloud, the digital technology and intellectual backbone of the Alibaba Group, to bring the best-in-class cloud technologies to local businesses in South Africa to drive local digitalization.

  • System integrator Business Connexion (BCX) has announced a strategic partnership with Alibaba Cloud
  • The two parties sealed an exclusive distribution contract to grant BCX exclusive rights and authority to distribute Alibaba Cloud’s products and services in the country.

According to Selina Yuan, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence International President, “Partners have always been a key focus for Alibaba Cloud, and we are committed to providing them with strong support for our ongoing co-creation and value-add – both technologically and commercially – to further empower our customers.”

According to the companies, the South African market will benefit from greater choice, competitive pricing, and hyper-performing ICT and cloud technologies thanks to the partnership.

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The companies aim to combine their technology capabilities, expertise, and strengths to deliver services that enable businesses to take advantage of cloud computing technologies to grow and evolve.

In a statement released late on September 21, the two parties confirmed an exclusive distribution contract to grant BCX exclusive rights and authority to distribute Alibaba Cloud’s products and services in South Africa.

In the joint statement, the companies explained that Alibaba Cloud offers a broad range of cloud computing products and services for the full gamut of ICT applications ,including databases, networking, security, analytics, big data, application services, and more.

“This is complementary to BCX’s offering as a vendor-agnostic systems integrator that develops solutions for its clients based on their exact use case across a wide range of technology spheres and vertical sectors,” reads an excerpt from the statement.

Daniel Jiang, General Manager of the Middle East and Africa, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence said, “We are happy to build a partnership with BCX to bring advanced, secure, and reliable cloud services and technologies to businesses in South Africa and beyond. We believe our partnership with a local industry leader like BCX will further upscale the local cloud computing market and better support the local businesses to embrace a digital economy.”

“Africa is recognized as the next frontier in the adoption of emerging technologies. We are proud to partner with a reputable global player, such as Alibaba Cloud. The partnership allows BCX to expand our reach and services and create additional revenue streams, which is part of our broader strategy to grow our business and expand our partner eco-system,” BCX CEO Jonas Bogoshi, said.

“As the exclusive South African distributor of Alibaba Cloud, BCX will be the primary contact for all resellers in South Africa and intends on providing Alibaba Cloud services across the continent through distribution and channel partners,” adds Bogoshi.

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Some of the notable partnerships by Alibaba Cloud is a collaboration with JP Games, a Japanese game development studio. This collaboration is geared towards supporting JP Games in game development. In a similar development, Alibaba Cloud is not turning a blind eye to metaverse development as it revealed that it’s working with MetaverseXR, a Thailand-based metaverse company. This move may not be unconnected with the recent grand opening of the Thailand Metaverse Expo 2022.

Alibaba Cloud also stated that it has partnered with UMG Group in Myanmar to help drive the country’s digital transformation – especially in traditional industries. In addition, further driving into the Asian technological market, Alibaba Cloud has partnered with BeLive and VisionTech from Singapore, with a vision to play a supporting role in the media and Fintech services in the country.

In another partnership drive beyond Asia and Africa, Alibaba Cloud announced its collaboration with OnFinality, a New Zealand-based blockchain infrastructure provider. The partnership aims to offer the firm cloud-computing capability and a strong global network for Web 3.0

The rate of cloud usage by companies has been escalating on a global scale. As a result, more cloud service providers continue developing cloud technology solutions that can aid in the smooth operation of enterprises. This growth is in line with Precedence Research’s cloud industry analysis, which indicated that the market for cloud computing worldwide is anticipated to grow to $1.6 trillion by 2030.

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Alibaba Cloud announced the release of a new series of cloud infrastructure products, a multi-model cloud-native database, and distributed cloud services. In addition to the new products, the Chinese cloud and e-commerce giant also pledged a $1 billion investment to boost its global alliances.

In 2021, the top five IaaS providers accounted for over 80% of the market. Amazon continued to lead the worldwide IaaS market with revenue of $35.4 billion in 2021 and a 38.9% market share. (Photo/ Gartner)

The new products by Alibaba Cloud are all geared towards providing businesses with an expansive range of cloud services like cloud storage, networks, and computing. With an expansion in mind, Alibaba Cloud intends to provide service to all critical parts of the cloud ecosystem with different product lines.

Alibaba announced the release of Cloud Enterprise Network (CEN) 2.0. It says that CEN 2.0 will bring large-scale networking features to enterprises, provide lower latency and reinforce security.

Also on the list of products launched by Alibaba Cloud is the ESSD Auto PL, a storage technology product designed to provide block storage services and automatic scaling that allows businesses to handle sudden traffic. Additionally, the company also introduced a Distributed Cloud Container Platform – ACK One. This global and multi-cluster solution provides enterprises with container management and operation. It is also built to help customers with data disaster recovery, resource scheduling, and application delivery through a unified platform regardless of operating in a private, public, or on-premise cloud environment.

Another product of interest is Alibaba Cloud Lindorm, a cloud-native multi-model database. According to Alibaba, this cloud database product can support databases of any scale.

Today, almost all organizations use some cloud-based business applications and realize the benefits of scalability, adaptability, and cost.

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