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E-commerce to create 3 million jobs in Africa by 2025 - The Exchange

E-commerce is set to create three million jobs for the youth by the year 2025 a report by bankers and financial experts.

The World Economic Forum, in partnership with the International Trade Centre, released the Africa E-commerce Agenda, which is an eight-step action plan to recognize the benefits of e-commerce in the content.

The Africa E-commerce Agenda action points enable e-payments, manage data, grow the tech industry, refresh policies, expand connectivity, upgrade logistics, coach small business and join forces.

The Agenda released early this month, recognizes the significance of the large ecosystem of digital technology and supporting elements.

Experts who attended the forum said e-commerce has the potential to create 3 million jobs yet e-commerce startups, face many challenges, which includes low consumer digital trust, low regional integration and poor infrastructure.

The head of the regional agenda, Africa and a member of the Executive Committee of World Economic Forum Dr …

By 2035, Africa which has one of the youngest populations in the world will have the largest workforce in the world.

As such, there is an urgent and pressing need to develop skills that can sustain African billion-strong population workforces in both the immediate and distant future.

By investing right in education, the continent will go a long way to secure a brighter future for the whole continent.

A report by the World Economic Forum (WEF) notes that sub-Saharan Africa captured only 55 per cent of its human capital potential in 2017. This is compared with the global average of 65 per cent.

Globally, Africa lags behind in global ICT goods trade.

Unemployment and mismatched skills in Africa

Youth unemployment is an ongoing challenge on the continent.

At the same time, employers across the continent identify inadequately skilled workforces as a major constraint to their businesses amid a wave …