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The first major leapfrog benefitting African consumers was the pre-paid mobile phone which has gone from zero users a few decades ago to today contributing 9% of Sub-Saharan Africa’s total GDP and employing 3.8 million people according to the GSMA1.   

The second major leapfrog technology in Sub-Saharan Africa has been off-grid home systems which have also gone from zero customers a few years ago to supporting over two million homes with renewable energy lighting systems and providing customers up to a 29% increase in economic activity2 according to the Global Off-Grid Lighting Association.   

Could “no-code” software platforms be the next big leapfrog creating massive impact across East Africa?    

No-code platforms are tools for building mobile applications, or apps, and websites without the need to write software code in languages like Java, Javascript, Python, or others.  


No-code platforms offer a visual interface where non-technical people can build