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Wheat harvesting in Kenya. Africa can stop relying on importing food if it invests in its agricultural sector.

In April 2022, the world’s biggest palm oil producer, Indonesia started implementing a full ban on the commodity’s exports risking upsetting the vegetable oils market. 

At the time of the implementation of the ban on April 28, vegetable oil prices were already at their highest. 

The reason for the ban was that cooking oil in the archipelago nation was in short supply and prices were going up. In several cities, people were waiting in line for hours at distribution centres to buy cooking oil at subsidised prices. 

Due to this, Southeast Asia's most populous nation had its authorities worried that the lack of supplies and rising prices could cause social unrest. This led to the import ban. 

Africa was also affected by this ban and Kenya was among the countries that started feeling this almost immediately. 

Kenya’s story with agricultural productivity goes way back to the end of the late