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Is corporate conspiracy in pandemics like Covid-19, Ebola and civil war a reality or fiction of conspirators who are just angry that a few have amassed more wealth than them?

Would conspirators switch sides if they could take the place of the world’s one per cent, is it only among thieves or is there no honour among all men?

Consider this fact from Oxfam, ‘New figures from the Peoples Vaccine Alliance reveal that the companies behind two of the most successful Covid-19 vaccines —Pfizer, BioNTech and Moderna— are making combined profits of US$65,000 every minute.’

Oxfam said this in a 2020 report titled ‘Power, Profits and the Pandemic: From corporate extraction for the few to an economy that works for all.’

“The worsening inequality crisis triggered by Covid-19 is fueled by an economic model that has allowed some of the world’s largest corporations to funnel billions of dollars in profits …

Wildlife corridors are blocked by human activities in Tanzania, severely affecting migration patterns and bringing wild animals in contact with humans leading to loss of life and animal killing to protect farmlands.

Wildlife corridors are meant to be protected, but increasing development activities are ever bringing humans into the territories of wild animals. Now the government is working to protect wildlife corridors through a participatory process with all key stakeholders.

However, the reality on the ground is much more complicated than just asking people to move. As it is, the wildlife corridors are blocked by settlements which means relocating entire communities. Begs the question, who let them settle there in the first place?

The issue with wildlife corridors is that they extend a time span of centuries, animals may migrate and use different routes and in that time people settle in what is believed to be forgone, forgotten paths, then …