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Ahead of the US-Africa Summit in December, the Russia-Africa Summit next year and as new geopolitical alliances form, Africa is under great pressure to take sides.

China is increasingly becoming a strong economic powerhouse while Russia is making its own stand. The West finds itself reliving history, scrambling for portions of Africa.

This summer was most fulfilling for me, not because the Earth’s revolution had finally brought the sun to shine on my part of the World, I live in Tanzania, East Africa, its spring and summer all year around.

  • Africa is under increasing pressure to take sides in new global alliances
  • Africa wants an economic proposal in the upcoming US-Africa Summit
  • 2022 witnessed the highest number of diplomats & presidents visiting Africa

No, it was not the weather, the reason my summer was most memorable is that my daughter came to visit from the US. We had excellent family …

US trade relations with Africa were expected to take a turn for the best after Secretary of State Anthony Blinken visited South Africa in August, but it doesn’t look like it is going to be that simple.

Secretary Blinken paraded the US Strategy Toward Sub-Saharan Africa, a 17-page policy document in which the White House admits that ‘…longstanding approaches have become insufficient to meet new challenges in a more contested and competitive world.”

The wordy document proposes to “elevate the U.S. African partnership” and in the process, the US promises to “broaden our vision of and expectations for senior-level engagements, treating meetings with African counterparts as opportunities to advance outcomes favourable to the US. … Even when we have disagreements, we will lean in, agree to meet, and address differences head-on.”

  • Which African leaders will be invited to the US-Africa Summit?
  • Can Africa remain impartial to the global geo-political groupings?

President Uhuru Kenyatta has asked US investors to make Kenya their investment destination of choice in Africa, in the latest of his charm offensives in foreign markts.

The President has said his administration’s Big 4 Agenda, particularly the manufacturing component where the government’s plan is to lift the sector’s contribution to the economy from the current 8.4 per cent of GDP to 15 per cent by 2022, offers limitless investment opportunities for US companies.

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“The sector (manufacturing) presents major opportunities for local and foreign investors in areas such as agro-processing through value addition in key value chains such as textiles and leather, the maritime sector, construction, iron and steel, oil and gas,” the President said. 

President Kenyatta who spoke at a private sector forum hosted by the American Chamber of Commerce and attended by tens of top executives from leading