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In realization of Tanzania’s fifth government strategy to enhance the institution’s efficiency, the government received over $2million as dividends and contributions from various higher learning institutions in the country.

This comes after President John Magufuli provided a strict ultimatum to 187 state-owned companies and institution (45 days ago) to deliver dividends and revenue shares or face immediate sacking.

According to The Citizen, the Tanzanian Registrar of the Treasury gave a strict directive to institutions on their dividend packages, citing $13,00 as the minimum amount to be submitted.

On the same note, the registrar expects to receive another set of dividends within this week from other institutions, making the total contribution reach over $3.4 million.

On November 24 2019, President Magufuli received over $455 million the government’s dividend and revenue share from 79 entities that the government holds a stake in.

Magufuli stressed on the role of internal revenue collection …