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  • Startups will receive crypto worth US$100,000 each from UNICEF’s Cryptofund
  • Cryptofund is part of UNICEF’s innovation fund, which allows the organization to hold, receive and disburse funds in cryptocurrency
  • Startups registered in 190 countries and have an operational, open-source blockchain prototype or are willing to make their startup open source are eligible to get the fund.
  • The deadline for application is March 8, 2022, and each qualified 

The UNICEF Venture Fund, in partnership with Giga (an Internet connection initiative), is calling for Blockchain-based software solutions for capacity building and community empowerment.

The collaboration is looking to make up to US$100,000 equity-free investment in cryptocurrency to provide early-stage seed funding and mentoring programs to profit-oriented technology startups that have the potential to benefit the larger population.

The applicants for the fund will receive the funding in cryptocurrency, either in bitcoin or ether, through UNICEF’s recently launched CryptoFund.

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