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African industry workers
  • African governments saw a series decline in public revenues during the pandemic
  • Unemployment has surged in Nigeria and South Africa due to the pandemic
  • Some economies have emerged strong while others not so much

The African economy is doing its best to recover strongly from the shackles of the COVID-19 pandemic, which shaved off a substantial amount of growth from the continent’s $2.7 trillion GDP.  Economic recovery in Africa is tough but essential.

While Africa is working its way out of recession and extreme poverty, the region is facing multiple setbacks, such as civil conflicts and the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine, which has caused severe food security in several countries.

The pandemic forced most of the countries on the continent to significantly impose lockdowns that crippled financial operations—businesses, mobility, movement within and across national borders, and public gatherings (Relief Web). 

According to Relief Web a humanitarian information services platform,