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Traders, investors, businesses, and other market participants will note the frothy nature of global capital markets recently.

The global economy is now characterized by rising inflation and stagnating growth. A phenomenon known in economic circles as stagflation. This is a ruinous position for a country to find its economy is because unless there is substantive supply-side intervention by the government, the devastating effects of stagflation can perpetuate themselves, creating a vicious cycle.

Is it possible to invest and make money from investments during periods of stagflation? The answer is yes, you can. In fact, the smartest investors are those whose portfolios of investments make money regardless of the direction of the financial markets and the economy.

  • Stagflation currently characterizes the global economy with high inflation and slow GDP growth.
  • Investors and traders, especially the savvy ones, will know how to make money regardless of the economic environment this depends