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There has been no response from the US on the future of a free trade arrangement after discussions were held between trade executives from both America and Kenya this week.

Statements were given by Betty Maina (Trade Cabinet Secretary in Kenya) and Katherine Tai (US Trade Chief) in a virtual conference last Tuesday fail to provide a timeframe after which halted talk on the deal will resume, indicating a continuous deadlock.

The lag by Joe Biden’s government to close the deal has seen an ever-rising unease in Nairobi. There has been an emphasis, however, between Nairobi and Washington on enhancing trade pacts between the two states.

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The two ministers gave their views during the virtual conference on how to advance economic and trade relationships between their countries.

Ambassador Katherine Kai released a statement complimenting Kenya’s key leadership stewardship in Africa and emphasised …

With East Africa being one of the best-predicted performers this year, Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta has been on a charm offensive for increased trade partnerships with different countries.

The latest of his forays have been in the US where he met with President Donald Trump discussing how to improve trade between the two countries.

Already, the US has amended its Air Transport Agreement to facilitate the movement of goods throughout the world by providing air carriers greater flexibility to meet their cargo and express delivery customers’ needs more efficiently.

Trading blocs agreements

“Specifically, the Amendment allows US all-cargo airlines to fly between Kenya and a third nation without needing to stop in the United States, an important right if operating a cargo hub,” adds the statement.

Kenyan all-cargo carriers have reciprocal rights to serve the United States.

Questions now abound over what happens to the trading blocs agreements that Kenya …