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Tanzania suffers from an extreme shortage of electricity access by a majority in sub-Saharan Africa’s sixth most populous nation.

As of 2017, the electricity access rate in Tanzania stood at 32.8 per cent falling behind Kenya which stood at 73.42 per cent.

Regionally, Rwanda stood at 29.37 per cent, Uganda at 26.7 per cent and Burundi at 7.5 per cent.

The World Bank’s The Energy Progress Report shows that electricity access rate in Kenya is the highest in East Africa.

The report tracks global achievements in sustainable energy for all and Kenya’s growth from 32 per cent in 2013. This was due to accelerated investments in the distribution network and renewable energy generation.

Tanzania targets universal electricity access

The East African nation targets universal access by 2030 for its 57 million-plus population.

Tanzania’s installed capacity according to the World Bank is 1,504 MW. Hydroelectric stands at 568 MW, thermal (generator) …