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Water- The Exchange

Approximately 10% of Tanzania’s landmass is covered by freshwater.

This essentially means that nearly 4,868,424 million hectares of wetlands can generate billions of dollars in revenue earnings for the country if harnessed correctly. When looking at this in the greater context of East Africa, Tanzania is the leading country with the largest freshwater reserves, an economic advantage over its neighbors.

The Great Lakes region of East Africa, that encompasses Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania as the main countries, are currently undergoing dynamic changes with respect to various water demands occurring across the region.

Still, Tanzania remains to reap significant rewards. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) place Tanzania to be an owner of 96. 27 km3 of renewable water resources per year, which corresponds to 2,266 m3 per person and year, despite being unevenly distributed over time and space, still these numbers give way more financial leeway to Tanzania’s economic …