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With tech giants like Google, Visa, Microsoft, and East Africa’s biggest telco Safaricom snapping up tech workers on the market, the tech skills gap in Africa is becoming a challenge.

This shortage has driven companies like Adanian Labs to come up with ways to close the gap. This is in addition to improving the digital and tech skills of the techies whom the multinationals are targeting.

Adanian teamed up with US tech company, Nvidia, last year to train 4,000 AI engineers in Africa (through AICE) over the next few years. The partnership would also see the two companies work on other projects together.

Adanian Labs has also recently teamed up with LBank, a cryptocurrency exchange, to build a community of crypto and blockchain developers in Africa. Through ABC, they will also run a crypto accelerator that will help African entrepreneurs build the next generation of start-ups.

The venture studio …