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General Electric (GE) has upgraded the gas turbines at the Songas Ubungo Power Plant in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

The upgrade of three GE LM6000PA and one LM6000PC aero-derivative gas turbines is expected to improve the efficiency of the Songas Ubungo Power Plant, which delivers more than 20 per cent of the grid-connected power in Tanzania.

Songas managing director Nigel Whittaker said: “We are very pleased with GE’s execution because it was completed safely and ahead of schedule, with great commitment and consistency across the four LM6000 units.

“The successful completion of this project not only improves Songas’ performance levels, but through the additional reliable supply of electricity, continues to contribute to the economic development of the country, making a significant difference in the lives of Tanzanians.”

As part of the upgrade, GE has installed its SPRayINTercooling (SPRINT) technology on two of the four units. The technology has been designed …