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  • Somalia leaders have agreed to the February 25 deadline to conduct election polls, a move that could demobilize terror group Al-Shabaab.
  • President Mohamed Farmaajo had controversially extended his term through Parliament by two years.
  • The new polls calendar was announced by the Prime Minister which comes as a relief to leaders in the region as the light for peace and stability turns green.

On the political front, the National Consultative Council and Somalia leaders have agreed to have Somalia’s elections by February 25 this year.

In Somalia, the Al-Shabaab collects “taxes” from almost every business in the capital Mogadishu, creating a demotivating effect on prospective entrepreneurs in the country.

This is among the challenges styming the country’s economic growth. Others are political instability and an unpredictable investment climate.

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The January 9 agreement comes after election delays following the feud between …