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  • Fish imports from Somalia and Miraa exports from Kenya are expected to start up again “with immediate effect”
  • Kenyatta and Mohamud agreed to allow Kenya’s national carrier, Kenya Airways, to resume its flights to Mogadishu
  • All parties reached an agreement to begin issuing courtesy visas to those in possession of diplomatic passports

The presidents of Kenya and Somalia have signed various agreements, including one to recommence trading of the stimulant khat, according to the two countries foreign ministers.

The July 15, 2022 agreement signifies that diplomatic relations are strengthening between the two Eastern African countries.

Fish imports from Somalia and Miraa exports from Kenya are expected to start again “with immediate effect,” according to a joint declaration issued by Kenyan and Somali officials.

The two nations have “decided to facilitate, diversify, and develop economic and trade cooperation and ordered the speedy market access of fish products and fish from Somalia …

Kenya and Somalia are now in uncharted waters as a diplomatic tiff over the disputed maritime border between the two countries escalates.

To show the enormity of the matter, the Somali federal government has released circular directing government agencies, donors and UN bodies not hold meetings, seminars and conferences in Nairobi, Kenya.

In a letter addressed to UN agencies, Director-General Dr Abdullahi Hashi Ali, disclosed that Somalia dignitaries and representatives would no longer attend meetings scheduled to be held in Nairobi.

“The ministry informs all its partners that representative from the ministry will not attend all planned and upcoming meetings, workshops, seminars and training to be held in Nairobi,” reads an excerpt of the letter.

Escalating diplomatic tensions

In March, Ethiopia Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed mediated talks between the two countries where Kenya and Somalia agreed to deescalate diplomatic tensions.

PM Ahmed said that the two neighbours committed to peace …