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Mike Solomone Teke, the chief executive of Seriti Resources, often tells his daughter jokingly that the time he could have gone fully vegan is when he was growing up.

During his formative years in Kwa Thema, which is a township in Gauteng in a district called Ekurhuleni, Teke says he and his family would eat pap (a stiff porridge made from maize flour) with spinach and other vegetables. This was on occasions when there was food in the Teke household.

The mining tycoon says that there were times during his household when they would go hungry and recounts that it was a luxury to have pap and eggs. There were few options back then. It leaves little to the imagination to surmise that Teke’s background is humble.

  • Mike Teke, the chief executive of Seriti Resources, had humble beginnings but now sits atop a multibillion-rand coal mining and energy company.
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