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  • Shell says they will lose millions of dollars spent on preparing for the project and the judgement is in contractual breach of an exploration right obtained in 2013.
  • The South African government was in support of the oil and gas exploration project, despite being ranked among the biggest carbon emitters in the world. 
  • Protests against Shell exploration have gained 85,000 signatures with over 35 fuel stations dumping the company. 

A South African court has halted seismic testing for oil and gas by the oil giant, Shell, in the Wild Coast along the country’s eastern coastline.

What is seismic testing and how is it done? 

Seismic testing is the acoustic sound imaging of the floor bed to determine whether there are hydrocarbons on the seafloor. Shock waves are fired from an airgun with a very powerful sound that blasts down towards the seabed. The sound that bounces back reveals whether there …