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According to the Future Market Insights report, around 9.2 billion tonnes of plastic have been manufactured globally, out of which only 9 per cent is recycled!

The technology helps to protect manufacturers and consumers against food and drug counterfeits. 

 With the plastic waste menace causing unprecedented damage globally, there has been an ongoing movement to discover and use alternative packaging materials, such as paper, glass, and metals.

The dilemma facing the world right now is that even the processes of creating plastic-free solutions often release more significant carbon emissions than conventional plastics.

Conservation, biodiversity protection, resource efficiency, consumption patterns, climate mitigation and adaptation, employment development, as well as poverty alleviation, are all emphasized in three resolutions.

According to a resolution on minerals and metals, solutions should be developed to increase the environmental sustainability of these products over their whole existence.

Protect, conserve, restore, and sustainably use lakes while incorporating them into national and regional development plans are the goals of the resolution on sustainable lake management.