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  • Diamonds recovered for the second quarter of 2022 by Namibia stood at 565 000 carats, a 67.2% increase from the 338 000 carats recovered during the same quarter in 2021
  • De Beers introduced its new diamond recovery vessel named the “Benguela Gem” in Namibia. It’s the latest addition to Debmarine Namibia’s fleet, which recovers diamonds from deep within the ocean
  • Meanwhile, the largest pink diamond was found in Angola and is thought to be the largest discovered in the last 300 years

The debut of Namibia’s Benguela Gem vessel last quarter has pushed up diamond recovery volumes by 67.2% when compared to production figures from the prior year.

Namibia was the only country out of four diamond-mining operations with increased production levels, according to production updates by De Beers.

The quarter saw De Beers recording a production level of 7.9 million carats.

Diamonds recovered for the second quarter of 2022 …

Petra Williamson Mine TanzaniaTanzania now owns 37 per cent of Williamson Diamonds Ltd, the single, largest diamond deposit to be in continuous production for over 70 consecutive years now.

Discovered in 1940, the mine boasts to be the world’s longest-running uninterrupted diamond mining operation. The open-pit mine is sprawled on over 140 hectares of land in Tanzania’s remote region of Mwadui.

Known scientifically as the kimberlite pipe, the mine is primarily owned by Petra Diamonds Ltd. Tanzania struck the deal early this month increasing its ownership by 12 per cent and cutting down Petra’s stake to 63 per cent from a high of 75 per cent.

This recent share split is the latest of moves signed by Tanzania with three other mining giants Faru Graphite Corporation, Nyati Mineral Sands Ltd and Sotta Mining Corporation Ltd.

According to a government media communiqué released by Prof Palamagamba Kabudi, who led the negation’s for the Tanzanian …