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African startups raised $2b in funding rounds last year according to the Partech Africa 2020 report.

“The Partech Africa report tracked 250 rounds raised by 234 start-ups compared to 164 rounds by 146 start-ups the year before, representing 52 per cent growth year-on-year growth in deal count,” the report reads in part.

It also noted that the early-stage rounds of seed and Series A investments were extremely dense, signifying investors’ increased confidence in taking early bets in Africa.

Startups look to investors to acquire capital since they are usually alienated by financial institutions.

The process is sequential, divided between pre-seed funding, seed funding, series A, B and growth. according to data, Investors continue to invest majorly in startups at the growth stage, which attracted $912m from 19 rounds compared to seed funding which drew up $151m from 127 rounds.

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