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  • SADC is extending its force mission mandate in Mozambique for three months.
  • The force will provide support in Cabo Delgado which has suffered frequent militant attacks.
  • France’s Total Energies declared force majeure to evacuate staff from a multi-billion-dollar natural gas project in the area.

The Southern African Development Community (SADC) has collectively decided to extend its force mission mandate in Mozambique for three months.

This is meant to provide military support in fighting terrorism in Cabo Delgado, the northern seaside provincial district that suffered frequent militant attacks displacing thousands out of their homes.

Reports said that Islamic-State linked militants wreaked havoc in the area when it broke out in 2017. The grave situation attracted international concern when they attacked the key port town of Palma in March 2021, killing dozens as thousands fled into the surrounding forest.

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The violence and attacks …

Unrelenting Conflict outbreak in Mozambique is threatening billions of dollars’ worth of energy projects, this is after a Dozens of people were reported killed in a raid that is suspected to have been carried by Islamist Militants in one of the Africa’s poorest nation.

The fighting was also reported early Monday morning, with Foreign companies suspending its operations triggered by the violence that began on march 20. According to the government sources the armed attackers assaulted the northern coastal town of Palma, close to a $20 billion liquefied natural gas project being developed by France’s Total SE, prompting the suspension of its operation on weekend.

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The attack is the latest in a series of incidents that are undermining the southern African country’s hopes of developing some of the continent’s biggest private investment projects. As much as $120 billion of investments by …