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American tech giants Google and Facebook are not providing internet in Africa as philanthropy but as a means of tapping business, the continent is so rich in.

With digitization bringing new opportunities to Africa, the continent is becoming the next frontier for Internet-based e-commerce solutions.

Across the continent, new digital businesses are emerging rapidly and growing fast.

How Google and Facebook plan to connect Africans

In 2016, Facebook launched a restricted service allowing users to access a list of websites at no cost.

The Free Basics platform in over 20 African countries was done in partnership with local telecoms operators.

It was hugely unpopular due to the restrictions.

On the other hand, Google has launched a free public Wi-Fi service in Lagos, Nigeria which is the largest internet market in Africa.

It is also testing Project Loon, solar-powered high-altitude balloons in a plan to beam internet to users …