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Zanzibar as the semi-autonomous region of Tanzania has been a long-standing pillar of business, agriculture and tourist attraction for decades.

The island has much to learn and risk along the investment line, particularly in the 21st century.

Therefore it is vital for the archipelago to rethink its investment policy operations to boost investment, in spice cultivation, processing, packaging and marketing as well as enhance spice tourism as the new segment in boosting eco-tourism.

According to the 2018 National Budget brief of Zanzibar, by the Office of the Chief Government Statistics (OCGS) and United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Zanzibar has maintained impressive economic growth; government revenues and expenditures are expanding rapidly.

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In the financial year of 2017/18, the approved budget totalled US$483 million which was a 29 per cent increase in total expenditures in nominal terms (or 26 per cent in real terms).…