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Telecommunications operators in Kenya should lay the 5G network infrastructure in readiness for the technology’s take-off in the country.

To make this happen, the government which licences telcos has to set up a spectrum to enable 5G deployment. Already, South Africa is among African countries that have adopted 5G.

Kenya lags behind despite being among the pioneers of fast internet speeds on the continent.

Nokia’s Joachim Wuilmet who spoke during the Nokia Innovation Day in May said that to succeed, any revolutionary technology needs supportive infrastructure, favourable ecosystem and the right policies.

5G supports faster high volume data download and upload speeds set at 1,000 megabytes per second. The technology makes mobile videos instantaneous with more crisp video calls.

Kenya edges closer to 5G connectivity

The fifth-generation mobile internet connectivity is currently being built alongside 4G LTE networks.

Kenya’s giant telco, Safaricom, has launched voice and video calls over …