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The changing face of the global mining industry
  • The global mining industry is changing minerals that drove mining activity and profits are slowly being eclipsed by the emergence of a new class of resources, PWC reports.
  • The pursuit of net zero emissions has altered the global mining industry which is increasingly leaning towards the production of minerals used in renewable energy and away from the production of fossil fuels.
  • According to PWC Fossil fuels still contribute substantially to global mining companies despite critical minerals taking center-stage.
  • Global mining activity despite the threat of global warming is not slowing down. It is to the contrary on the rise as the world looks for ways of reducing carbon emissions.
  • At the turn of the millennium the global mining industry was driven by mass urbanization of emerging market economies like China, Brazil, India and Russia this projected to slow down or lose ground to the pursuit of renewable energy sources.


  • Coal and shale are plentiful and cost-effective and they can enable Africa to be competitive in the business context
  • The pursuit of a greener earth and universal reliance on renewable presents a unique dilemma for countries in Sub Saharan Africa
  • Rapid transition by African countries to renewable energies could inadvertently undermine their prospects of emerging and transforming economically.

A recurring theme nowadays is climate change and the commitment that leading companies in the world have made to what has been called the journey to net-zero.

This pledge by global corporations is to be carbon neutral on or before 2050 which will be achieved by reducing carbon emissions and carbon footprints from the operations of the said companies. This is a noble cause to support given the perils of climate change resulting from global warming.

We have seen the erratic weather patterns and the rising sea levels. All of them have …