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American investors are about to transform Tanzania’s investment landscape with 19 US companies exploring various opportunities with a total market capitalization of over US$1.6 trillion.

The United States of America (USA) investors are now seeding their roots in Tanzania, one of Africa’s fastest-growing economies. The superpower is not only becoming an investor in Tanzania but also a reliable development partner.

  • Tanzania’s foreign direct investment has been fluctuating over the years. In 2012 it rose to around US$1.1 billion
  • 19 American investors are set to explore various opportunities with a total market capitalization of over US$1.6 trillion
  • The United States and Tanzania are engaging in massive volumes of trade, particularly exporting agricultural produce and minerals to the US

Over the past year, under President Samia Suluhu Hassan, the current administration has prioritized developing its economic diplomacy. The current path created by the US is a clear-cut demonstration of how the superpower …

  • Tanzania’s Energy Minister Hon. January Makamba invites participants to TEC
  • Patrons to review opportunities in Tanzania’s $30bn LNG investment
  • Despite huge natural gas deposits, majority of Tanzania relies on firewood, charcoal

With an abundance of a diverse collection of natural energy resources, Tanzania is now poised to make the most of this enormous wealth that largely remains untapped. To this end, Tanzania is this August hosting its fourth edition of the Tanzania Energy Congress (TEC).

The highly anticipated executive summit will be hosted in the country’s commercial port city of Dar es Salaam 3 – 4 August 2022. Two day conference is held under the auspicious leadership of the Minister for Energy of the United Republic of Tanzania, Hon. January Makamba and will highlight the Ministry of Energy’s plans and priorities for both the energy and hydrocarbons sector in Tanzania.

The conference is thus, the opportune opportunity for investors to …

  • Natural gas in Tanzania has become domesticated as a 542 km pipeline that simplifies the delivery of gas to Dar es Salaam
  • Tanzania has a signed a gas transportation deal with Kenya
  • Tanzania and Uganda are partnering to become oil economies

Covid-19 and uncertainty may stress Tanzanians, but the oil and gas economy will never disappoint the East African nation, and sustainable investment won’t harm it.

While Uganda has already set its feet in the oil sector with the East African Crude Oil Pipeline project (EACOP), oil and gas in Tanzania present a lucrative and competitive element. There are signs that Tanzania could be the next oil and gas economy in East Africa.

It is against this background that the 2022 Tanzania Energy Congress (TEC) is being held in the East African nation under the flagship of the country’s Energy Ministry and under the patronage of January Makamba, the Minister …

The 3rd Oil and Gas Congress took off on 2nd October, in commercial city Dar es Salaam, drawing in vital players from the Energy arena. The 3rd congress, saw a huge number of investors and technocrats leave with key and crucial messages and new prospects in the industry, including possible missions to embark on oil-discoveries and more gas reserves in Tanzania.

International delegates from top-notch companies in the world: Total, Shell, Equinor, Dodsal and representatives from neighboring countries working with Tanzania, in strategic oil and gas projects, Kenya, Zambia and Uganda, witnessed how Tanzania, is positioning its self to be the next powerhouse in Africa.

During the congress, Tanzania’s Minister of Energy, Hon. Dr. Medard Kalemeni, revealed rather vital information, that could transform the oil and gas landscape in Tanzania.

“Tanzania has not discovered oil yet, but it is developing strategies to embark on discovering oil” the Minister added.…

Over the past decade, Tanzania’s oil and gas industry has demonstrated astonishing milestones in energy generation and consumption, demonstrating that an industrialized Tanzania might be a feasible ambition for East Africa’s fastest-growing economy.

Since Tanzania discovered natural gas in 1974, remarkable developments have been achieved. These include saving over $ 10 billion USD, used in purchasing heavy fuel oil (HFO) and other fossil fuels (diesel and petrol in particular) for industrial production and power generation.

According to the Ministry of Energy, until May 2019, the Tanzania Petroleum Development Corporation (TPDC) had collected over $ 210 million USD (from gas sales and exploration), exceeding the intended target of over $ 171 million for the fiscal year 2018/ 2019.

Currently the energy arena in Tanzania seems to be working positively. The upcoming Oil and Gas Congress (commencing on 2nd and 3rd of October), anticipates profitable sectorial merits, necessary to expanding …