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Cameroon plans to increase access to power to 88 per cent of all people in electrified areas by 2022.

Currently, just 60 per cent of Cameroon’s population has access to electricity, and the numbers are even lower in rural areas.

Unfortunately for those who have access to electricity, it does not come cheap and the high cost of power is a significant household expense.

Cameroon’s power outages

Those who have access to electricity also experience frequent power outages which can last for as long as two days at a time, sometimes.

To improve the lives and long-term economic prospects Cameroon, the government of Cameroon has created a plan whose scope and vision are as vast as the need itself, according to IFC.

In addition to increasing access to power to cover 88 per cent of the population by 2022, the government’s initiative also aims at increasing generation and transmission capacity …