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  • Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania hosts Aga Khan Education Services which has reached 500,000 students
  • Africa’s education financing gap is standing at around US$40 billion
  • Aga Khan Foundation operates across Africa, Asia and the Middle East

Education in Africa has many faces and the sector is filled with innovations, knowledge management techniques and funding mechanisms.

Over the past years, education funding in Africa has changed. Governments are pouring significant efforts to leverage the current wave of technological innovation and partnerships to boost education in Africa.

Recently, the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) gave education a shot in the arm, particularly in developing African nations in Uganda, Tanzania, and Mozambique.

This was during the 2022 Doha Forum, where AKF and Education Above All Foundation signed a new US$50 million partnership to help millions of out-of-school children access quality education.

According to AKF, the new five-year partnership stretches from 2022 to 2026. It leverages “investment …