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The agreement places a premium on the expansion of the collaboration, particularly in renewable energy. Additionally, collaboration opportunities will be discovered in the areas of energy efficiency, energy technology, the hydrogen economy, flexible energy systems, storage solutions, integration technologies, hydrogen and Power-to-X, and research and development. 

The two ministries will endeavor to expedite the formation of partnerships between bilateral agencies and businesses to execute cooperative initiatives in innovation, research, and development. Renewable energy, energy efficiency, and energy systems are critical components of a prosperous society. Finland has established considerable expertise in these domains, and it makes sense to foster this practical cooperation with Morocco. 

While Russia’s preferred visions and modes of action in the Maghreb seem to be fairly well identified, the perceptions and expectations, but also the possible reservations on the Maghreb are more rarely expressed by the leaders of these countries and little-studied at the academic level.

Perhaps we should look at this, as far as the powers that be are concerned, a concern for discretion regarding the sensitive aspects of this foreign policy component – this is particularly true for Algeria – an area on which they generally communicate little and for the academic research community in North Africa, a lack of knowledge related to the history, geography and culture of contemporary Russia.

If there is undoubtedly, on the Maghreb side and with important nuances from one country to another, a manifest interest in a development or a deepening of the partnership with Moscow, questions may remain about Russia’s objectives, especially in Rabat and Tunis.

The Spain energy crisis comes after Algeria cut off natural gas supply through the Gaz-Maghreb-Europe (GME) pipeline.

Algeria President Abdelmadjid Tebboune authorized Sonatrach (state energy firm) to stop gas exports to Spain through the pipeline that transverses through Morocco to Spain, due to tensions with Rabat, accusations that Morocco denied.

The 1400 km GME pipeline has been in operation for over 55 years, delivering billion cubic metres per year to Portugal and Spain.

In June 2020, South Africa got the trial of marijuana off the ground as part of the six herbs that could effectively fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

A 2020 report by the research firm estimates that the marijuana market will be based majorly in the following five countries.

Market size would generate as follows if the required legislations take effect:  Nigeria (US$3.7 billion), South Africa (US$1.7 billion), Morocco (US$900 million), Lesotho (US$90 million), and Zimbabwe (US$80 million).