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As of 2019, Africa’s biggest FDI flows went to three countries where Nigeria, South Africa and Egypt received more than US$3 billion each.

Egypt received a 10 per cent increase in 2019 hitting US$9 billion, South Africa saw the FDI decrease by 15.1 per cent to US$4.6 billion, the Congo saw US$3.4 billion flow into its economy, a 22 per cent decrease.

The other two countries in top five are Nigeria which lost the biggest share at -45 per cent to stand at US$3.3 billion and Ethiopia which registered a 24 per cent decrease to stand at US$2.5 billion in FDI.

Intra-regional trade could create 2 million new jobs for East Africa

Interestingly, Kenya which has been hailed as a top FDI destination did not make it to the top five having received less than US$2 billion in Foreign Direct Investments.

According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and …