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Coal mining in Tanzania
  • Tanzania coal is now exported to foreign markets
  • Tanzania’s Mchuchuma coal deposits has around 540 billion tonnes of reserves
  • Mining in Tanzania is one of the most vital sector in the country

Mining in Tanzania has emerged to become the most vital vein in the nation’s economy. After a series of policy and law changes within the mining industry, Tanzania’s mining company, Ruvuma Coal limited, has expanded the nation’s coal materials to European markets.

According to information from The Citizen, the vital breakthrough is a product of a one-year contract signed by Ruvuma Coal Limited and Hong Kong-based Kenexon Company.

The two companies will impact the coal mining landscape in Tanzania as at least 60,000 tonnes of coal will be shipped off to the Netherlands.

Further, the agreement is now in execution and the consignment was transported on a ship known as Southern Cross, which docked at the Mtwara Port …