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Zero Malaria: Through the President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI), Zanzibar plans to end malaria prevalence by 2027 as part of the island’s initiatives to improve welfare and increase tourism.

Healthy safety is a major tourist consideration when tourists consider taking a safari in Africa. Malaria prevalence is one of the major tropical diseases that tourists are conscious about and in many cases, a deterring factor.

Tanzania mainland and the island of Zanzibar are now taking charge to end malaria in the five years. At least two new initiatives have been launched in this effort including, Impact Malaria and Okoa Maisha Dhibiti Malaria (OMDM) along with the newly launched Tanzania Malaria Case Management (TMCM) project.

Working with several development partners, the country has been undertaking this strategic plan to reduce and end malaria prevalence altogether for the last decade. It is hoped that building on the progress made so far, the new …

Kenya has become the first country in Africa, and globally, to launch a national malaria youth army.  

In the global arena, it has been a constant battle to eradicate malaria and efforts have been channeled towards this initiative. 

Below is a global map and the malaria prevalence in each country. 

GLOBAL Malaria Prevalence

Countries with zero indigenous cases over at least the past three consecutive years are considered to have eliminated malaria.  

In 2019, China and El Salvador reported zero indigenous cases for the third consecutive year and have applied for World Health Org...

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