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  • In recent years, the continent has witnessed the creation of a significant number of startups, many of which have proven to be heavily lucrative
  • Creating an organization is a powerful element, but owning or co-owning it and being the principal recipient of the wealth created is much more powerful
  • Aside from technology, spreading from infrastructure to agribusiness and energy, it is evident that the production equipment is frequently not held by Africans

In one of several highlights of late 2021 in the buzzing microcosm of African tech, The Nigerian corporation MainOne, founded in 2010 and grown to be one of West Africa’s key information storage facility managers and communication service providers, announced in December that it had been bought by a United States firm, Equinix, after a booming US$6 billion revenue in 2020.

The US$320 million acquisition, which was completed in early April, was widely hailed since it demonstrated that

Lagos state is the ground zero for the deployment of reliable broadband infrastructure by West Africa’s connectivity and data centre solutions provider, MainOne.

The rollout across the state is coming under the “Digital Lagos: Broadband for All” campaign initiative to enable the digital transformation of the state which hosts Nigeria’s most populous city, Lagos.

Lagos Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu’s vision inspired MainOne’s ambitions for Lagos.

Sanwo-Olu says, “Technology will improve the rule of law, education, ease of doing business and government processes of Lagos.”

MainOne CEO, Funke Opeke, said during the launch on Tuesday that the company is keen to collaborate with the government of Lagos State and all other relevant stakeholders to help citizens from all walks of life realize the benefits of improved quality of life through broad, sustainable economic growth, modernized education, health, and other services delivery.

Taming the chaos of Lagos

In building a Digital Lagos, Sanwo-Olu’s …