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Cybercriminals are the leading source of user distrust on the internet around the globe and in Kenya, mobile money is a target.

In a survey of internet users by CIGI, IPSOS, Internet Society and UNCTAD, social media companies Facebook, Twitter and others come only second to cyber fraudsters.

While Safaricom says that mobile money losses in Kenya have decreased, there still remains a big challenge to ensure transactions are safe and secure.

Safeguarding M-Pesa transactions

Kenya’s giant telco, Safaricom, has introduced an option to reverse M-Pesa transactions. This is one of the ways to ensure that customers have faith in the system.

The Safaricom M-Pesa customer care is moving more towards self-care making it a reality that mobile money is making Africa ‘bankable’.

With Safaricom taking the lion’s share of the almost KShs2 Trillion Kenyans transacted every 3 months on mobile phones in 2018, the company has launched a …