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Humour has benefits beyond just making people laugh. It enables you to establish a connection with your audience, ease tension, boost status, cultivate trust, and persuade others to agree with you.

However, it is no longer a laughing point to see people with clothes not ironed in meetings in South Africa and Zimbabwe. The Southern African neighbours have once again been hit by drastic power cuts caused by failures in ageing and poorly maintained facilities. How, then, do people iron their laundry?

  • State-owned Zimbabwean power producer said it is experiencing technical challenges at its main Kariba and Hwange power stations and import constraints.
  • In South Africa, Power utility Eskom says it is keeping the lights off to contain emergency generation reserves.
  • According to the official national statistics agency StatsSA, power cuts, referred to by Eskom as load-shedding, were a crucial contributor to the economy contracting by 0.7 per cent in

South Africa, Africa’s second-largest economy is still experiencing power cuts off as the national power utility stated today on Thursday that, nation-wide power cuts across South Africa of up to 4,000 megawatts will last throughout the weekend and power kicking back on Sunday

According to information from a South African financial publication Moneyweb, the power cuts are due to the wait of regulatory approval to reconnect a unit at a nuclear power station in Cape Town (Koeberg).

Eskom, which produces more than 90 per cent of the electricity in Africa‘s most industrialized economy, ramped up power cuts to 4 000 MW on Tuesday after a fault with a pump at Koeberg, the country’s only nuclear station.

“Due to a shortage of generation capacity resulting from unplanned breakdowns, Eskom will continue implementing Stage 4 load-shedding until further notice. We expect that load-shedding, at various stages, may continue into the weekend,” Eskom …