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  • Medical Doctors be included in the UHC planning and execution as the key stakeholders and actual implementers of the UHC agenda.
  • Suspension of the Health Amendment Bill 2021 until proper deliberation and consultation is done on the proposed changes in the governance of the health sector.
  • Urgent meetings with stakeholders in the health sector to objectively discuss the drivers
    of the high cost of healthcare in Kenya.

Kenya Medical Association (KMA) has called for the inclusion of health Care Professionals as an essential
pillar in the governance of healthcare systems.

According to the KMA president  Dr Were Onyino, since its founding in 1968, the Kenya Medical Association has been a key stakeholder in the health sector and has promoted the practice of high-quality medicine in Kenya.

In a statement seen by THe Exchange, the Kenya Medical Association is the professional association of registered doctors in Kenya, with the twin mission …