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The High Court in Nairobi, Kenya, has ruled in favour of Kenya Revenue Authority(KRA) in a tax related case filed by a Dubai based company.

The company was seeking orders to stop KRA from collecting Ksh2.3 billion(US$238.8 billion) in tax debts from its affiliate company registered and operating in Kenya.

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Justice Pauline Nyamweya on September 23, 2019 ruled in favour of KRA and struck out a Judicial Review filed on July 28, 2018 by United Arab Emirates(UAE) registered firm, Suzan General Trading JLT.

Suzan General Trading JLT had sought among others an order to stop KRA from enforcing the warrants and distress notices issued on July 9, 2018 in respect of a tax (customs duty) debt owed by its affiliate company Diplomatic Duty-Free Limited (DDF) amounting to 2, 296,210,133 shillings.

The company had also sought to stop KRA from

The Kenya National Chambers of Commerce and Industries(KNCCI) has raised concerns over mishandling of investors in the ongoing crackdown on tax evaders.

KNCCI President Richard Ngatia on Monday criticized the manner in which the operation is being conducted.

He has called on the government and the Kenya Revenue Authority(KRA)to look for compassionate ways of engaging the business persons suspected of evading taxes payment, rather than treating them in a way that will cause their businesses to shut down.

Ngatia who was accompanied by KNCCI Embu chairman John Mugo among others said if business persons suspected to have defaulted in revenue payment are treated harshly, they will close down.

This, he said, will have several implications including job and revenue losses by the government.

There are ways that you can negotiate with them, there are ways that you can have payment plans with them, and there are ways you can

The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) has received a go-ahead to collect more than Ksh2.7billion (US$26.7 million) worth of monthly taxes on withholding tax on winnings from Sportpesa.

This follows a ruling by Milimani Commercial Courts Chief Magistrate, Peter Gesora, allowing KRA to collect withholding taxes on winnings from betting games on the Sportpesa platform among others, that have been failing to withhold tax on winnings.

The landmark ruling delivered on Thursday, May 23, 2019 arose from a 2014 suit filed by a Mr. Benson Irungu against Sportpesa Ltd trading as Pevans East Africa.

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The suit sought to stop Sportpesa from deducting and remitting taxes arising from Mr Irungu’s and any other person’s winnings.

In his ruling last Thursday, Chief Magistrate Gesora while dismissing Mr Irungu’s case noted that the nature of sports betting, winnings are unpredictable and a player cannot …