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Hass Consult has unveiled a lush class mixed-use development on Riverside Drive.

The development, dubbed Riverside Square brings together shopping, working, living and leisure in a seamless interplay of creative spaces. Set on 3 acres in an incredible locale, the development offers 18,000 sq. ft. of neighborhood shops, prime office space and residential apartments, all interspersed with upscale leisure facilities

According to the Head of Development Consulting and research at Hass Consult Ms Sakina Hassanali, the real estate has become more sophisticated to the [position by 2019 where only carefully thought through investments with clear and under-served target markets now sell rapidly.

“In this, Riverside, which has long enjoyed a luxury status set more centrally than any other high-end district, has emerged progressively as a Bohemian hub, attracting creatives, producers, entrepreneurs and a community that works irregular hours, appreciating the importance of leisure and a connection with nature, while loving …