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  • ESG principles have become ubiquitous and the global mining industry is no exception
  • According to PWC, global mining companies have realized the importance of a social license in their communities
  • This social license between global mining companies and communities derives its value from the extent to which miners embrace and adopt ESG principles

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles have transformed corporations worldwide.

PWC’s recently published Mine 2022 reports that miners will see benefits to their businesses by reconfiguring operations around a value proposition that puts people and planet alongside profit.

The largest mining corporations in the world need to be intentional and deliberate about building “brand mining” businesses. One of the central methods of doing this is developing a “social license” to operate their businesses. This is a critical lesson because societal impact on communities and the ecosystem of stakeholders should be central in the minds of managers of…

  • The global mining industry is changing minerals that drove mining activity and profits are slowly being eclipsed by the emergence of a new class of resources, PWC reports.
  • The pursuit of net zero emissions has altered the global mining industry which is increasingly leaning towards the production of minerals used in renewable energy and away from the production of fossil fuels.
  • According to PWC Fossil fuels still contribute substantially to global mining companies despite critical minerals taking center-stage.
  • Global mining activity despite the threat of global warming is not slowing down. It is to the contrary on the rise as the world looks for ways of reducing carbon emissions.
  • At the turn of the millennium the global mining industry was driven by mass urbanization of emerging market economies like China, Brazil, India and Russia this projected to slow down or lose ground to the pursuit of renewable energy sources.