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When Twiga Foods set up shop in Kenya in 2014, the agricultural food distribution and sales were in anarchy. The process was marred with losses and farmers barely could get value for the agricultural commodities they produced. The government systems were not active as well.

Five years later, Twiga has been building Kenya’s only end-to-end distribution for fresh and processed food, sourcing from more than 17,000 producers and delivering 3 times a week on average to over 8,000 retailers. Twiga’s digital platform and logistics network link retailers with farmers and food manufacturers, presenting a convenient and reliable alternative to the current inefficient and expensive farm/factory-to-market processes.

Twiga operates a mobile-based, cashless platform to aggregate urban retail demand, offering thousands of small and medium-sized vendors convenient one-stop-shop ordering. Retailers have access to lower-cost, higher-quality fresh produce and processed food, conveniently and reliably delivered to their doorstep within 18 hours of ordering.  …