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  • Protests in Mali, Burkina Faso, Senegal, and Niger spread anti-French sentiments across Africa
  • In 2020, the French National Assembly enacted legislation requiring the release of 27 pieces of art from two Paris museums to Senegal and Benin within a year, delivering part of Mr Macron’s commitment to plundered heritage
  • More than 150,000 French citizens live in Sub-Saharan Africa, and nearly 500,000 on the continent
  • Macron’s English language abilities, which are unrivalled by any previous French president, and his free-market attitude, will hasten the turn toward an Anglophone Africa

The 2022 French presidential election was held on 10 and 24 April 2022, where Emmanuel Macron was re-elected through a run-off against Marie Le Pen.

Macron’s re-election gives him a second chance to improve the France-Africa relationship that has been experiencing a downward trend.

France’s present and future intertwine, in many ways, with that of Africa. France and Africa have tight and