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French evergreen investment firm, Creadev, has announced a secondary investment of USD5 million in Twiga Foods, a Kenyan-based technology based B2B platform.

The global long-term investment firm is wholly funded by the Mulliez family. The Mulliez Family is one of the richest in the world with a networth of USD37.5 billion.

For Kshs500 million, the family has acquired an undisclosed stake of Twiga Foods through Creadev.

Early investors in Twiga Foods have partially sold their stake as part of a strategy to accommodate the later stage and longer-term investors.

Adolf H. Lundin Charitable Foundation, Blue Haven Ventures, Crescat Limited, Omidyar Networks, Index Ventures through Project Hand Purpose Trust, and Uqalo have all sold some of their stakes.

Twiga Foods aggregates retail demand and efficiently provides low-cost access to better quality food.

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