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Developing logistics and supply chain infrastructure in Africa improve trade links across the continent's fragmented economy and even within individual nations.

Investing in logistics and supply chain infrastructure helps to accelerate trade significantly.
The difficulty of transferring commodities throughout Africa is not new to the continent.
Logistics and supply chain infrastructure remains necessary to guarantee that Africa reaps the most benefits from the AfCFTA.

Logistics and supply chain infrastructure crucial for trade
African nations wanted to increase intra-African tra...

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FurtherAfricaThe largest global free trade area by countries is poised to transform Africa’s economic prospects and it could not have come at a more interesting time.

For reasons I won’t get into in this article, the world has witnessed a tremendous rise in populism, protectionism and nationalism. Popular choices in key economies have shifted the status quo bringing into question well-established political and economic powerhouses. With the arrival of the pandemic, trust in governments across the world has diminished and weak leaders in developed economies have found theirselves exposed.

In my view, these elements ironically created a perfect storm for the launch of AfCFTA, the African Continental Free Trade Area. Global trade is going through deep changes either for fears of infection or due to concepts of self economic preservation in smaller developed countries. Border enforcement across the world is shifting on a daily basis and there’s a real …