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Natural resources giants do not have the machinery and the funding to mine their minerals.
The Lithium mineral is considered a crucial component to facilitate the success of renewable energy technologies.
In February 2022, a Chinese company, Zhejiang Huayou, acquired controlling rights to Zimbabwe’s Arcadia mine in a US$422 million deal, with many analysts concerned there will be few national and local benefits to the country.   

For decades, Africa has not fully capitalized on developing its natural wealth even as the world adapts to new changes increasing demand for its resource...

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  • eWAKA offers clients vigorous IT capabilities to support their transportation management efforts with real-time tracking of vehicles, performance metric monitoring and geofencing
  • Options by eWAKA EV mobility will marginally decrease pollution caused by greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide and noise
  • eWAKA’s services address frustrating and disruptive mobility experiences by offering a sustainable solution that will increase connectivity and improve efficiencies

eWaka is an African new market entrant that is transforming cities and communities by offering accessible, affordable and sustainable forms of personal mobility to enhance economic prospects in Sub-Saharan Africa.

On March 16, eWaka officially launched a green response to Africa’s expanding transportation requirements and is currently fundraising to develop a local African assembly facility and further expand the existing IT capabilities for increased client security and improved operating performance of their vehicles.

eWaka’s portfolio consists of a comprehensive network of electric vehicles (EVs) serving different sectors distributed across delivery companies, …