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  • Briquettes from agricultural waste are transforming lives in Zanzibar
  • To produce organic charcoal, women are trained to convert biomass to charcoal
  • The briquettes are produced using pyrolysis

According to the World Bank, biomass energy was used by 80 per cent of Africans in 2010.

This number was and still is, the highest in Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). The majority of this population’s energy came from cooking with wood, grain and animal waste.

In 2050, 65 per cent of the world’s population will still use wood as a primary source of energy for cooking.

According to a UNEP report released in 2019, urgent action is needed to address Africa’s use of biomass as a fuel.

Renos Fountoulakis has responded to this call with a project under the CR HOPE Foundation co-founded with Cosiano Ismaili Mbise. The charity was launched in 2017 to fight poverty by providing quality education to children and …